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Napa Valley’s Arts and Music Scene


Published On: April 05, 2024
Yountville Art Walk Sidewalk Judge copper sculpture/statue, with bottle of wine with label Yountville Arts
Yountville Art Walk Sidewalk Judge // Photo by MJ Schaer

Napa Valley, a name synonymous with rolling vineyards and delectable wines, is in a renaissance. While the allure of a wine-centric getaway remains steadfast, the valley cultivates a vibrant arts and eclectic music culture, delighting the local community and attracting both an old and new generation of visitors seeking cultural experiences.

For the art enthusiast, a journey of discovery awaits. Boasting over 20 galleries showcasing local and international talent, each town hosts a unique portfolio of events and attractions to evoke one’s appreciation for art. Whether it be downtown Napa’s annual Lighted Arts Festival in February, Yountville’s Art Walk or ART, SIP & STROLL event in May, or Napa Valley’s Open Studios event in September— a self-guided art discovery tour through the creative art spaces of Napa Valley—there are many opportunities to find artistic inspiration at any time of the year.

Music fills the air in Napa Valley, weaving a myriad of music genres throughout the year. Renowned festivals like BottleRock Napa Valley, The Blue Note Jazz Festival, Festival Napa Valley, and this year’s inaugural La Onda Festival draw established musicians and enthrall audiences who flock to attend these nationally acclaimed concerts. For those who prefer more intimate venues, winery concerts featuring up-and-coming artists, lively jazz nights at local bars, and open-air performances in local parks cater to a spectrum of musical tastes.

So, when the allure of Napa Valley calls, remember that beyond the vineyards lies a vibrant and evolving cultural landscape waiting to be uncorked, inviting music and art lovers everywhere to explore the valley’s artistic side.