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Published On: September 08, 2023
A beautiful new kitchen with taupe painted cabinets, a large stone island and bluestone countertops, with large pendants and modern barstools

Dana Feagles believes hiring an interior designer should never be a daunting or stressful process for homeowners. Her approachable wine country-based Revelry Interior Design firm curates bespoke interiors that are lively, livable, and high-end, yet delivered in a down-to-earth manner.

Portrait of Dana Feagles, interior designer, on beige backgroud

Dana Feagles of Revelry Interior Design


Q: What brings the most satisfaction in your work?

My satisfaction comes from creating order where there is perceived chaos. Clients approach me with a unique design challenge, and my joy comes from providing a clear solution. Like a puzzle, satisfaction comes when the pieces begin to form a clear picture.

One of my favorite things is interior architectural space planning, rearranging a space so that it functions and flows better. Once I draft the floorplan and look at it from above, it becomes clear what walls need to go, where we can add a pantry or mudroom, or how we can make a bathroom larger. It is music to my ears when I hear from my clients, “I never would have thought of that!”


Q: Why is listening so important?

My job is to listen to what my clients need — what they love and don’t love, what they value and desire — turning this into something tangible, beautiful, and uniquely suited to their lifestyle.


Q:  Do you have a favorite color?

My tastes are always evolving. I will say that my preferred color of late is peacock green. It’s striking, sophisticated, and refreshingly joyful.


Q:  Any tricks of the trade for walls, fabrics, and window treatments?

Always paint ceilings the same color as walls. To create a space that feels cohesive and finished, properly-dressed windows are key. It is always best to have drapes custom-sized. Custom window treatments don’t have to eat up one’s budget; there are even pros on Etsy to make them up for them.


Q: What are some of your favorite rooms to work on?

When a client says, “I need this space to be more functional,” it becomes my favorite room to work on. It is easy to make a space look pretty, but making it more functional and attractive takes thought.


Q: Any wonderful solutions to suit clients’ lifestyles?

Most of my clients are initially hindered in their design plans by arbitrary “design rules,” such as no mixing metals or styles or the urge to match interiors to exterior architecture. These broad “rules” have too many caveats, so my solution is to ignore the rules and create a space that best serves them and their families. After all, one of the elements that define great design is the unexpected!


Q: Final thoughts about the discovery process, planning, and budgeting?

I recommend speaking with three or more designers since the client will have a close relationship for a few months or years. I would trust the one who says it’s going to cost more and take longer than you had expected. This person is likely speaking from years of experience and is laying down the foundation for a trustworthy relationship. A well-designed home takes time and thoughtful investment.

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Primary Bathroom with beautiful pale blue tiles

Primary Bathroom with beautiful pale blue tiles