Napa Valley Country Clubs’ Director of Golf, Tom Sims
Making ALL the Best Shots
Photos Courtesy of Napa Valley Country Club

Tom Sims, Director of Golf at Napa Valley Country Club (NVCC), has only been at NVCC for a little over a year, but his impact to the club has been monumental. Sims, a Class A PGA Golf Professional for over 27 years, brings years of local golf experience to the 100+-year-old NVCC.

“The Director of Golf at NVCC is integral to our success, and Tom checks all the boxes,” said Ari Kreisler, the club’s General Manager. “Not only is Tom responsible for juggling the day-to-day golf operations, but he also ensures our members are getting a private country club experience by taking advantage of all our offerings, including tournaments, clinics, private lessons, Junior camps, and couples tournaments.”

Kreisler, who created the Director of Golf position at NVCC, lauded the club’s decision to hire Sims. “After years of the top golf position at NVCC being the Head Pro, I felt we needed something more to meet the growing level of golf enthusiasm.” However, Kreisler contended that the title didn’t change what Sims brings to the club. “Tom showed up on his first day at 4:30 am, and he was the last to leave. And over a year later, he’s still that guy. He’s great with the men. He’s great with the ladies. He’s great with the kids. He’s just special, and he makes NVCC special.”

According to Heather Vigil, the Club’s Sales and Marketing Director, golf is seeing the highest interest in the sport in 20+ years. As many young professionals are moving to Napa from the Bay Area, the activity level at NVCC is off the charts. “We have seen a huge uptick in membership interest as the sport grows and the club evolves to meet its members’ expectations better.”

In fact, NVCC has a waitlist to get in. That list is growing longer and longer as more and more people hear about just how ideal it is to be a member of NVCC. According to Vigil, Tom deserves a lot of the credit. “Not only is Tom operating our golf program at full capacity, but he is also rockin’ it! Members love him. His staff loves him. And he brings such great energy.”

Sims is also making a significant impact with the membership at NVCC in terms of innovation. “One of our most recent investments in the golf department has been the purchase of a Trackman,” said Sims speaking of the golf simulator the Members approved purchasing earlier in 2022. “It combines doppler radar with high-end optics to help golfers improve their game, and it has been a great addition to the golf instructional program.” Sims has also added a digital scoring platform to help members post their scores during tournaments giving them a live scoreboard.

Providing Juniors with golf lessons and clinics over the years has created even more demand for Sims as people flock from around the Valley to have Sims teach golf to their children. Sims said, “I even have a few of my mentees working for me now as cart attendants. It’s great to see their passion for the game.”