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Healdsburg’s SingleThread Wines Program 
Venturing into the World of Fine Wine, Champagne, and Saké
WRITTEN BY Layne Randolph


Published On: September 05, 2023
Two men sit on an outdoor couch with wine glasses and a table with various bottles of wine, smiling

SingleThread Wines is part of the three-Michelin-starred SingleThread Restaurant – honored by the ‘World’s 50 Best’ as one of the top 50 restaurants worldwide. The restaurant’s menu is seasonally inspired by the SingleThread Farm at Dry Creek – a 24-acre biodiverse farm a few miles down the road, which many of the local Dry Creek winemakers also call home. SingleThread’s wine program recently received the Wine Spectator’s Grand Award for the third year. Wine Director Chris McFall oversees the wine program, and Julien Tremblay manages the online wine shop – an extension of the wines offered in the Restaurant. 

McFall is proud of the large offering of Sonoma County wines in the Wine Shop. “It’s a privilege to work with Sonoma wineries. Our wine list, which is 158 pages  and growing, shines a lot of light on Sonoma County producers, specifically those near and dear to us and who have stuck with us since the beginning of the program.” 

“The beginning” refers to the Covid pandemic, when SingleThread—like many others—was forced to close, and the team decided to pivot and innovate.

Tremblay shared, “We have over 300 unique wines online right now, and that’s only growing. And so, each week, we highlight producers we’re excited about, wines that are right here in our backyard in Sonoma or from the far reaches of Italy. So, it’s fun to give those producers spotlights they may not have otherwise, and we talk about why we’re excited about them and where they fit in the wine world.“

Two specialized subscriptions are on offer at SingleThread Wines: Champagne and Saké. “With the monthly Champagne Subscription, we hand-pick old-guard staples or something new, fresh, and exciting that leads to curiosity about the program and allows us to bring some cool bubbles to people’s living rooms.”

Tremblay shared, “The quarterly Saké Subscription puts together something special that ties in with the Japanese-inspired menu we have here while showcasing incredible and unique sakés.”

Sonoma wines are included in the collection, and for each vintage, the team selects a local partner to make a SingleThread label wine. McFall explained, “Every year, we make wine with a local producer chosen based on ethos matching and a sustainability focus. We commission a winemaker or a local producer to produce a wine every year. So, for example, the one we have offered on the program right now is from Scott and Jenny Schultz and their fabulous winery Jolie-Laide: 2021 Trousseau Gris from the Fanucci-Wood Road Vineyard in the Russian River Valley.”

“We’re working with Marine Layer Wines on a red wine—a beautiful expression of Grenache that will be nice for the wintertime—we trust them to make the magic happen there in that bottle.” 

A thread runs through the partnerships, selections, and highlighting of wine and saké. McFall shared, “We strongly believe that wine is always inclusive, never exclusive, and that transcends past the doors to the restaurant.” //