Experience Wine and Caviar at Charles Krug Winery 


Published On: April 18, 2024
flight of wine with 4 glasses with a tin of Charles Krug branded caviar and additional food presented on wooden table

Imagine eating exquisite caviar while sipping exceptional wine at an iconic wine estate in the heart of Napa Valley. Charles Krug Winery, established in 1861 and owned and operated by the Mondavi family since 1943, offers just that experience with the launch of its elevated Wine and Caviar Experience.

In 2023, Charles Krug announced its exclusive US partnership with Calvisius Caviar, the premiere Italian Caviar Company based in Milan. An Italian family connection brought them together, and their shared Italian background and commitment to quality and craftsmanship in the products they produced sealed the deal. As Riana Mondavi, 4th generation and co-proprietor, put it, “My family and I, with our Italian heritage, found it only fitting to partner with an amazing and high-quality caviar producer like Calvisius.”

For Charles Krug, the relationship enables them to expand upon the array of wine and food experiences they already offer while leveraging Calvisius Caviar’s storied history and expertise. “Here at Charles Krug Winery, we look forward to redefining how and when caviar can be enjoyed. We especially look forward to our guests experiencing our passion for quality with every sip of wine and bite of caviar,” said Riana.

It is a misconception that all caviar comes from Russia. The sturgeon species originated there but is not farmed in Russia. Fish eggs or roe do not qualify as caviar unless they come from a purebred sturgeon. Calvisius has set the standard for breeding the Pacific White and Oscietra sturgeon species in aquafarms fed by pristine water sources near Lake Garda. Each tin of Calvisius caviar can be traced back to the fish the roe came from. For this exclusive partnership, Charles Krug hand-selected Calvisius Tradition Prestige, Tradition Elite, and Ars Italica Oscietra Royal caviar, and it is available for purchase at the winery as well as on their website.

The Charles Krug Wine and Caviar Experience is an educational extravaganza suitable for caviar novices and aficionados. After a tour of the estate with a welcome glass of wine, guests enjoy over 30 grams of creamy, velvety caviar paired with classic food accompaniments while sipping limited-release still and sparkling wines. This interactive 90-minute program finishes with an exceptional dessert that will surprise and delight the palate. The goal is for participants to get comfortable with caviar and feel it can be enjoyed more often than on special occasions, with a variety of different food and wine.

The Wine and Caviar experience can be customized for individuals and private parties. It is not the only way to enjoy Calvisius caviar at Charles Krug, as guests are also welcome to purchase a tin and enjoy it leisurely with a glass of wine in the tasting room.