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Elevage Luxury Wine Tours
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Published On: September 11, 2023
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Elevage Luxury Wine Tours proprietor Jorge Guzman knows Napa. He grew up playing in the vineyards in which he eventually worked. He knows every backroad and every winery and every hotel and restaurant. Cherished local friendships with those in the wine and hospitality industries have provided him with the insider connections that allow him to share the heart of Napa with his many clients, and a knack for storytelling makes him a compelling host. Simply put, Guzman is the ultimate guide to a Napa that he knows like the back of his hand.

Guzman founded his wine tour company just one year ago, but he has found ready success in curating unique itineraries for the small groups and individuals that he transports within his Ford Explorer XLT or Ford Expedition. Yet, he is more than a driver; he is a storyteller with an intriguing collection of wine country tales to tell. His superpower is in his relationships. A lifelong Napa resident, Guzman knows the people that make Napa hum, and thus, he has access. He can score that hard-to-book dinner reservation at the most coveted restaurant, recommend the ideal hotel or resort that matches particular interests, and introduce his guests to hidden gem wineries unbeknownst to the general public.

“I do my research,” says the genial Guzman, whose enthusiasm for his profession is palpable. “I experience the wineries myself, and I tour the hotels and resorts. Having grown up in this valley, I know just about everyone; I know the ins and outs. Connecting and communing over food and wine is part of my family heritage.”

Guzman curates his variety of selective winery tours based on guest preferences and requests. Every tour is bespoke; no two are ever the same. While Guzman conducts the vast majority of his tours personally, he offers a particular vintner-led tour in which an experienced winemaker provides an in-depth look into a boutique winery of guest choice, delving into the winemaking process, the wines, and the stories behind each, followed by a farm-to-table food/wine pairing lunch. Guzman’s “Wellness & Wine” tour offers guests the opportunity to enjoy an early morning hike within some of the region’s best scenic trails, followed by a taco breakfast, and afternoon wine tasting.

“It’s always inspiring to see someone grow and thrive in their career, especially when it’s something they’re passionate about, like wine,” said longtime industry friend Cynthia Vega. “Jorge has been able to use his knowledge and talents to create truly memorable experiences for others; he’s a skilled curator, native to Napa Valley, known for organizing exceptional food and wine events in an area filled with inventive individuals who strive to create innovative wine tasting experiences.”