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Ehrlich Vineyard Debuts a Cabernet Destined for Greatness


Published On: December 18, 2023
three bottles of Ehrlich Vineyard wine in a wodden box

Odds are that even seasoned wine lovers have not heard of Ehrlich Vineyard. Yet many have enjoyed the wines made from grapes grown in this family’s Oakville vineyard.

This idyllic environment would melt even the most cynical of hearts. The serenity of the picture-perfect farmhouse framed by the immaculate rows of vines embodies wine country gracious living. For all the fanfare of Oakville, one forgets about the notoriety while gazing at the bucolic vistas; it feels uniquely personal.

The Ehrlich Family stand in the vineyard with Paul Hobbs

The Ehrlich Family with Paul Hobbs

Its founders, Cliff and Patricia Ehrlich, fell in love with Napa Valley fifty years ago and became frequent visitors. It became an eventuality that they would acquire property, however, it took years to find just the right slice of their very own Napa haven. The moment they laid eyes on the modest house next to a picturesque vineyard in the heart of the valley, they knew. Their wine country dream took shape and soon began to bear fruit–literally.

The ten-and-a-half-acre vineyard on the valley floor was established in 1998. It’s planted with several blocks of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc.  

The Ehrlich family quickly developed a reputation as growers of ultra-premium fruit. Over the decades, they have provided grapes to producers such as Accendo Cellars, B Cellars, Duckhorn, Groth, and Trois Noix. B Cellars and Trois Noix have recently bottled Ehrlich Vineyard as their vineyard designates.

A German translation of “Ehrlich” means “honorable” – a tall order to live up to. Ehrlichs certainly do – they exude purpose, substance, and authenticity. It resonates with the like-minded in a meaningful way, including their celebrated consulting winemaker, Paul Hobbs:


…All the ingredients are there to craft a beautiful, crave-worthy Cabernet – vineyard, farming, winemaking, packaging, story… Yet it’s the people that interest me the most, and the Ehrlichs are my kind of folks. Caring, respectful, hardworking, humble…” – Paul Hobbs


After twenty-five years as growers, the Ehrlich family set their sights on becoming vintners by releasing the inaugural vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon under their namesake label. It consists of top-notch lots of estate-grown fruit from select blocks. Only 250 cases were made.

They interviewed several prominent winemakers, and it was with Paul Hobbs that the Ehrlichs felt an instant kinship. Paul’s credentials are beyond impressive, but it was his personal philosophies and core values of integrity and land stewardship that created a close bond.


“Ehrlich Cabernet is a very small, highly personal family passion project.  In fact, it’s the smallest such venture by far of any I have ever participated in over the course of my ~35 years working as a consultant. Perhaps that’s part of what makes it so gratifying.” – Paul Hobbs


Ehrlich Vineyard’s inaugural Cabernet Sauvignon is highly noteworthy. It boasts loads of dark fruit intermingled with light spice, fine, silky tannins, medium acidity, and a hedonistic finish. 

Consumers seeking an exceptional wine experience are invited to sign up for their allocation at the family’s website.