Best Friend of Facial Club
Great Skin Has Never Been So Much Fun


Published On: February 27, 2023

When life tosses a problem, a first response is to call a friend for advice, whether or not there’s professional experience to back it up. But, in the case of skincare issues, there’s a special place in Napa Valley that can be that good friend with hands-on, expert advice: Best Friend Facial Club.

Coco Maloy is the owner and esthetician of the Best Friend Facial Club (BFFC), a unique salon with a 90s cheery vibe that makes clients feel like a girlfriend’s got her back. The pale-pink walls, adorned with quotes from iconic chick flicks, set the tone for a fun, helpful, and caring experience. It’s where “besties” can get self-care and “dish” on anything from relationship issues or outfit conundrums. Of course, taking a moment for quiet is ok too. However, chances are pretty good a chat is in store because Coco is so endearing.

The breakaway from the traditional spa setting is a way to “stand out and encourage patrons to embrace a new generation of facial services,” said Coco.

BFFC is the fast-casual of skincare salons where clients can pop in each month for an hour-long, high-quality, affordable facial. Regular appointments are essential to maintaining beautiful, healthy-looking skin, much like going to the gym, but less often and, of course, more relaxing. Scheduling is easy as it can be slotted into a day of running errands or after a workout when athleisure is the quintessential outfit of the day and a good choice for facials too.

What Coco loves most about her profession is engaging and educating clients about their specific skin concerns. “Best Friend Facial Club (BFFC) is about approachable and informative skincare while utilizing clean, innovative products to give lasting results,” she explained. She selects products from the Cosmedix skincare line, best known for superior formulations, clean ingredients, and luxurious aromas. 

Coco believes knowledge is power, so she eagerly stays up to date on the latest innovations and techniques, passing that information on to her clients. With ten years in the field, her wisdom runs deep.

A favorite treatment is The Bestie because it makes monthly facials fun and different with seasonal add-ons such as pumpkin spice in the fall and sugar plum fairy for the holidays.  Hydrafacial is one of the best options because it is comfortable and luxurious, delivering beautiful glowing results in just three easy steps. Exclusive rates are available to club members, making monthly facials all the more enticing.

BFFC’s tagline, “Like your best friend, great skin is forever,’ is what draws in locals and tourists for a happy and warm experience. All are welcome, gentlemen too; “They just have to be ok with pink,” quipped Coco.

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