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Azur Wines
Elegance in a glass, echoing nuances of terroir, grape, and dreams
WRITTEN BY Francie Low


Published On: June 14, 2023
PHOTOs courtesy of Azur wines

If bottling up dreams with intention were possible, the label would read Azur Wines, showcasing an award-winning soft coral golden rosé from Napa Valley inspired by the finest of Provence. This was the vision of Azur’s founder, Elan Fayard, to share her experiences from her studies abroad in France, the wine aptly named for one of the regions of focus, Cote d’Azur.

The hummingbird logo further reflects the proprietor’s time in France. The bird’s ability to fly in any direction is emblematic of Fayard’s vision for her label. Elan connects with this by carrying the knowledge and inspiration she gained in France back to her California roots.

Elan started making rosé in her garage in 2006, offering her first official release the following year at the ripe age of 27. Elan uses a blend of Grenache and Syrah, picked weeks earlier to access the optimal acidity and ripeness for premium rosé production. In 2016 Vogue named Azur rosé one of the “best in the world.” Her dreams of French-inspired wine produced in Napa became a reality.

“Elegance is the word to describe the wines. Each wine has an identity, and it’s my intention to bring this out through vineyard and varietal expression,” said Fayard.

Azur’s wine portfolio now includes Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, reserve blends, and two custom-label Champagnes. In addition, she created a second label, Empreinte, a selection of single-varietal vineyard-designated wines. Elan only sources grapes from vineyards that share in her dedication to the highest quality and integrity that each site can express. The wines are produced in small batches, sometimes as few as two barrels, allowing for elevated quality and an ever-present consistency.

Grateful for the positive response from her growing audience and the community, Elan finds continued inspiration to produce wines that speak of their place – wines with identity.

“Following your dreams can lead to a life of abundance, purpose, and magnetism that invites others to follow theirs,” said the Azur proprietor. To that end, Elan recently began Luminous Retreats, focusing on women’s wellness. Through her wellness community, Elan provides a foundation of support that gives women a platform for collective experience.

Elan’s latest pursuit is the Azur Wine Lounge located on Clinton Street in downtown Napa. She intends to give more brand exposure to the greater Napa community while providing a gathering space to enjoy her award-winning wines. The Azur Wine Lounge is also a platform for local artists and creators to showcase their inspirations to the community at large.

Dreams and intentions abound at Azur, with the iconic hummingbird continuing to carry its knowledge and inspiration to others.

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