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A Homebuilder’s Homecoming


Published On: September 11, 2023
Interior of Handwritten Wines showing wood floors, window, tables and chairs
Handwritten Wines Project Interior above, Photos courtesy of Precision Builders

Through the window in Dustin Baxter’s office, he can see the road leading up to the building, hedged on one side by a white fence running parallel past a well-maintained lawn. To the right of the window, a simple eight-and-a-half-by-eleven is pinned to the bulletin board, bearing the Precision Builders Texas logo at the top, followed by the company’s mission statement and a bulleted list of core values, which read as follows:

• Opportunity: We are Family – Teamwork Wins
• Abundance: Results and Quality are our Reputation
• Trust: We go Above and Beyond & do what we say we will do
• Legacy: Adapt and Overcome

Anyone who has ever had a bad experience with a contractor might find reassurance in this list, which faces inward toward Baxter’s desk rather than outward toward potential customers. It isn’t an advertisement but a reminder and one that Baxter and his staff take seriously. Dustin Baxter is the sort of CEO who wears a tee shirt and a baseball cap, types up his core values, and pushes print on his own printer. He’d rather meet potential clients on the building site than on the golf course. In short, Baxter applies a lot of his elbow grease to Precision Builders Texas, the company he founded, and has developed a good reputation for getting things done.

Sequoia Grove Project

With his previous company, Baxter was responsible for renovating the Sequoia Grove Winery, as well as Handwritten Wines, B Cellars, and St Francis Winery. Then, in 2020, Baxter parted ways with his old partner and reestablished himself in Texas. “My plan was always to expand the business,” recalled Baxter, a native of Santa Rosa. He had agreed to do a large estate project for a friend back in Wine Country, and soon the pathway for that expansion became clear. “We were pulled back into the Sonoma County market by demand,” said Baxter. “Some folks got word that we were back in the area doing a custom estate and asked us to do theirs.” Word spread, and soon it became clear that Precision Builders Texas would need offices in California to meet demand. Currently in Sonoma County, PBT has a team of five, and they are looking to grow it in the near future.

“We did not realize the reputation Dustin had left behind, and it’s been humbling and an honor to be able to expand our business back ‘home’ doing what we love,” relayed Allison Cordice, COO, who is Dustin’s right-hand as well as his eyes and ears on the ground in Wine Country.

Handwritten Wines Project

Dustin smiled when asked why locals building a winery, tasting room, or luxury home should choose Precision Builders Texas over their many competitors. “Our attention to detail and the pride that we take in delivering what we say we’re going to deliver,” he responded. “Many of our clients wind up being lifelong friends,” added Allison with a note of pride in her voice.

And so, after a few years away on the Texas frontier, Dustin Baxter came home, bringing with him his reputation, skillset, and core values. And while word of mouth provides more than enough business to keep them busy, Dustin and his team are excited to get out and meet new clients. “We don’t just build buildings; we build relationships,” he concluded.

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