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5T Wealth, LLC
Celebrating 25 Years of Serving the Napa Valley


Published On: March 15, 2024
This picture was taken in Winter 2011 from the bridge on Third Street in Napa, CA.It shows Downtown of Napa illuminated by street light with the building's reflections in the Napa River.

Understanding client’s needs, expectations, and aspirations and then fully committing to meet them is at the core of what 5T Wealth is all about. CEO Paul Krsek is that unique financial adviser who has his feet planted in two worlds: one in the financial epicenter of Wall Street and the other firmly planted in the community he knows well.

Krsek arrived in Napa Valley in 1990, having spent the 1980s working with Wall Street’s largest financial firms while president and CEO of Angeles Securities Corporation in Los Angeles. Krsek makes no bones about it; he was “disgusted” by the practices at these larger firms, especially their tendency to line their own pockets instead of acting as fiduciaries and being true advocates for their clients. Napa Valley was the perfect antidote – a tight-knit community aligned with his values that offered a more meaningful and satisfying lifestyle.

Krsek’s wife, Meghan, a Napa native, co-founded 5T Wealth and is its CFO. She heads up the Family Office Services team. She also manages the finances and operations of 5T Wealth. Meghan brought impressive credentials and many years of accounting experience to the firm. Her efforts and those of her team allow Krsek and 5T partner Chris Roth to focus on what they do best: successfully managing money for clients, in accordance with customized long-term financial and estate plans.

Krsek pointed out, “5T Wealth’s success has come about through the efforts of our entire team. Each member brings important skills, experience, and education to the table, ensuring our clients have their needs met from every angle. The atmosphere in our office is truly a family affair. We all feel part of it, and so do our clients.”

professional headshots of Chris Roth, Meghan Krsek, Paul Krsek of 5T Wealth

L-R: Chris Roth, Meghan Krsek, Paul Krsek

5T Wealth’s deep ties to the Napa community are essential to their clients, as many want to use a portion of their wealth to benefit the community. Krsek noted, “Many clients have wondered how best to contribute financially to local causes but were unsure how to translate their interests into action. We have considerable experience in this arena and can help in proper planning, whether for a one-time donation, an annual gift, gifting to other foundations, or setting up a donor-advised fund.”

A favorite project of 5T has been managing the assets and beneficiary relationships for the Roger J. Trinchero Family Foundation, which was formed by the Chairman of the Board of Trinchero Family Estates in 2017. Mr. Trinchero had been a generous donor to individuals and organizations in Napa Valley for 30 years. The Foundation assures that his philanthropy will survive long beyond his lifetime. His sons, Mario and Gino Trinchero, sit on the board of the Foundation and are involved in every decision. Current beneficiaries include Community Resources for Children, ParentsCan, Voices, Preschool for All (St. Helena), Community Action of Napa Valley, 10,000 Degrees, St. Helena Cooperative Nursery, Howell Mountain School, and more. Krsek said, “Focusing on the Foundation has inspired our team to be more relevant to the community both in terms of our personal actions and giving and also in encouraging our clients who are able to do the same.”

5T Wealth seeks to be the trusted primary advisor for individuals and families seeking long-term financial security and wishing to use their personal and financial resources to make their lives more meaningful for themselves, their families, and their community.