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As All Good Wines Should, It Started With a Love Story

Once upon a time, a man named Doug, who  dreamed of becoming a great winemaker, met a woman named Debbie, who loved wine and wine lovers. Their shared passion grew as they “embarked on a journey” and built their wine-centered business that now includes a winery, cellar, and a restaurant specializing in both sweet and savory house-made recipes – all in Murrieta, California near Temecula Valley Wine Country.

Guests knew right away that the couple was in it to win it at Wine Ranch Grill & Cellars. Soon the pair grew to five, as their children Lucas, Joseph, and Jasmine joined in, along with extended family including nieces and nephews.

The Wiens family, with the Wine Ranch, created “the neatest place in town with indoor and outdoor wine tasting and dining, with the coolest focal point bar around. The restaurant and winery have visitors ‘buzzing and  clamoring’  for  more.” Besides their award-winning wines, Wine Ranch Grill & Cellars offers wines from renowned brands including sparkling wines, Sake (wine) infused with spirits that make incredible cocktails like Margaritas and Bloody Marys, as well as a custom-made Mimosa.

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Surprisingly the similarity between Napa and Temecula is the climate. Temecula is, on average, only one degree warmer than the northern end of the Napa Valley (Cabernet Sauvignon country). Both areas are also close to the ocean with the same tempera- ture influence. Temecula is drier, but with drip irrigation this becomes a minor factor. Temecula also has elevation variations within the appellation like Napa, with some vineyards 1,000 feet higher than the Temecula Valley floor (2,400 feet vs. the lower areas at about 1,400 feet). These elevation differences, along with the variations in temperature between areas 10 miles closer to the ocean on the west side vs. the east side, allows Temecula to grow a wide variety of grapes depending on where they thrive.

“Making wine is a family thing,” said Doug Wiens, winemaker and viticulturist for Wine Ranch and Wiens Family Cellars. “We love spending time together, and we have amazing cooperation regardless of whether the gathering is for work or play.”

“We have a large and tightly-knit family with a broad range of talents, all contributing to the success of our business.”

“We enjoy good food, the company of friends, and fine wines. Our goal is to create a place where people feel right at home – part of our family. We invite wine lovers to meet the family, stay – enjoy appetizers or dinner – and relax with a glass of wine for a unique getaway experience.”




Article By: Eve Bushman