Published On: October 26, 2021

A Passion Filled Life

A journey composed of food, wine, and artistic expression defines Wesley Steffens’s artistry, Founder of Correlation Wine Company. “I am so lucky to do something that I love,” expressed Steffens.

Photos courtesy of Correlation Wine Company

Born and raised in New Jersey, Wesley was introduced to the world of culinary arts and fine wine in his youth. A collector for many years, Wesley’s Father planted a seed that would not only inspire but lead to a life full of passion. Electing to enroll in the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, Wesley’s talent and education placed him in California, interning under the tutelage of Thomas Keller. After graduation, Wesley moved to Napa and took a position with Thomas Keller at The French Laundry, followed by four harvests under the direction of Bob Levy at Harlan and BOND Estates in Oakville. Through this experience, Wesley took his place building upon a dream that his father started in 1999 and became the Estate Director and Associate Winemaker for Vineyard 7 & 8. Then, in 2017, Wesley and his wife Jess wanted to create a new expression and voice outside of the family estate. A career infused with knowledge, dedication, and an inherent connection between people, wine, and food paved the way for Correlation Wine Company.

“All of the experiences that I have had have shaped me into who I am today,” said Steffens. “Through my love of food and wine, I have learned that growing grapes and food are essentially the same thing. Understanding where they come from, where and how they are made lies at the heart of both. Correlation Wine Company allows us to explore the valley through a different lens. The valley is about relationships and people and how they enjoy wine. How someone chooses to enjoy a bottle of wine is endless.”

With a wine portfolio consisting of Cabernet Sauvignon, Rosé, and Sauvignon Blanc, Wesley and Martha McClellan produce terroir-driven wines that reflect their passion, experience, and relationships. “These “Correlations” are the backbone of our wines,” said Steffens.

Producing just 1,500 cases, Correlation Wine Company sources fruit from several Napa Valley AVA’s, including Spring Mountain, Rutherford, and Atlas Peak. Their vision to create dynamic wines that over-deliver on quality with an emphasis on exploration defines the heart and soul of the brand.

Living a life full of passion, artistry, and dexterity, Wesley Steffens has pursued a course full of food, wine, photography, and love. Wes even started a photography business during the pandemic, synonymously named Correlation Photo Co (@correlationphoto). He sees photography as an extension of his journey thus far and an additional art form that defines his character, light, and journey. As a husband, a son, and father to three beautiful children, Wesley has proven that life is full of correlations, inspiring those around him to follow their dreams.

Story by: Valerie Owens