Sugar + Lemon

Everything is Sweet with Sugar

Sugar + Lemon, Body Sugaring & Boutique, located in the heart of Napa, offers clients an unforgettable experience rooted in vitality. Specializing in the art of body sugaring (an ancient hair removal technique), organic spray tans, age management, holistic skin and body care, the luxury sugaring salon’s sense of tranquility will invigorate the soul while rejuvenating the body.

A licensed esthetician since 1990, Michelle Cate launched Sugar + Lemon in 2015. A virtuoso in esthetics, Cate’s commitment to finding holistic alternatives for traditional skin and body treatments has paved the way for young professionals. As a mentor and professional sugar educator, Cate has trained hundreds of estheticians and founded The Sugar Professor’s SugarPro Academy, utilizing her years of training to teach the art of body sugaring and holistic hair removal.

“I have specialized in acne and anti-aging skin treatments for my entire career,” explained Cate. “I had severe acne that began in 5th grade and tried everything that promised to fix it, to no avail. After high school, I met an esthetician that helped clear my skin with professional skincare and regular treatments. I was inspired to help other people feel confident about their skin, the way she had with me. After receiving my estheticians license, I started taking cosmetic chemistry courses for non-chemists at UCLA to understand how products and their ingredients affect the skin. I learned that the bottom line of aging and many skin conditions is inflammation. This knowledge influenced a long-term skin health philosophy. Naturally, it led me to look at the skin with a holistic  approach, incorporating the education and tools from my own healing. This segued into discovering an ancient hair removal technique known as sugaring. After experiencing it for myself, I had to learn for my clients. It was so much less painful than waxing.”

A less traumatic alternative to waxing, sugaring removes unwanted facial and body hair utilizing a paste that consists of lemon, water, and sugar applied directly to the skin. The paste is slightly warmed to body temperature, which eliminates the potential to burn the skin, and hair is removed in the direction of growth, allowing for a dramatic reduction in inflammation, density, and ingrown hairs. The process is environmentally friendly and safe for even the most sensitive skin.

Cate and her personally trained team of talented professionals can be found at 1322 3rd St. in downtown Napa. Offering sugaring services for all genders, holistic skincare, Dien Chan Zone reflexology, Reiki energy balancing,
organic spray tan services, thoughtfully curated gifts, and self-care products for every individual body type, the local sugaring spa & boutique offers customers an unparalleled personal care experience.




Article By: Valerie Owens