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rubia wines

The Next Chapter: 

Today, Rubia Wines embody the beauty of a dream, a goal, and a will to preserve.

In a valley defined by passion lies a love story; A story about family and dedication to a craft that inspires the soul. For proprietors Joe and Margaret Valenzuela, Rubia Wines are an expression of life and profound artistry.

Born and raised in Texas, Joe and Margaret’s story begins right after high school. Their undeniable chemistry and ambition gave way to an abundant life. Building  a family and successful business unveiled the strength between the two, which ultimately led to a career in the wine industry.

“Our business allowed us to come to California.   So,  we began spending time in the Napa Valley,” said proprietor, Margaret Valenzuela. “Our time spent  in the valley was amazing. It was  our destination of choice. Then one day, it all  changed.  We  went to an early morning harvest and saw the beauty of the work being done. The crews were  incredible at their jobs. Watching them as they worked their way around the vineyard was the moment I knew that we had to do something in this world, and we saw our next chapter.”

For 32 years,  Margaret  and  Joe have stood by each other, and this new  adventure  would  not   be any different. Margaret began her studies through the UC Davis extension program, and Joe took on  a harvest internship position.

Together, they supported each other as they educated themselves on the wine business, raised their two sons, and launched the Rubia Wines brand.

rubia wines

“We work very well together. We were fortunate to have an office in San Francisco, so we were able to come out frequently,” said Joe Valenzuela. “We both wanted to learn as much as we could and immerse ourselves in the industry.  Our  goal  is to leave a footprint in the valley and produce incredible wines.”

Through his internship at B Cellars, Joe was introduced to the incredible talent of Julien Fayard. With a reputation for producing handcrafted, terroir driven wines, Julien’s winemaking philosophy and experience were the perfect fit for the boutique label.

Today, Rubia Wines embody the beauty of  a  dream, a  goal,  and  a  will to   preserve.   Producing  1,000 cases  of premier Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, Russian River Chardonnay, and a Napa Valley Red Blend, the inspired wine portfolio is well-balanced, expressive, and elegant.

With a sophisticated illustration of Margaret and her signature scarves on the label, Rubia Wines stays close to home. Portraying the love of his life, Joe had the artwork created to showcase family and depict the spirit of the wines and incredible team.

“I love everything about Rubia Wines. The wines are spectacular under the guidance of Julien Fayard, and I cannot say enough about Joe and Margaret,” said the Director of Sales, Gail Bells. “We all are part of the Valenzuela family.”

Through their dedication and determination, the Valenzuelas’ next chapter is one to admire.

rubia wine


190 Camino Oruga, Napa, CA 94558


Article By: Valerie Owens