Napa Wild
Delivering Great Food for Memorable Meals
WRITTEN BY Elizabeth Smith


Published On: March 28, 2022
Photo Courtesy of Napa Wild

Chef Kory Stewart and his family founded Napa Wild in 2017 to bring high-quality wild foods, seasonal produce, and rare ingredients from sustainable, local farms and forests to restaurants and homes in Napa Valley. It began as a wholesale distribution company, but the pandemic precipitated a launch into home delivery, which has become an essential effort of the family business.

Napa Wild sells a variety of fruits and vegetables, meats, poultry, eggs, and pantry items. “We like to find things that you don’t have to be a devoted foodie to appreciate the difference. My  kids will be the first to tell me whether something is special or not,” said Stewart. The produce selections include everyday staples like apples, pears, citrus fruits, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, greens, onions, potatoes, and squashes. Napa Wild also offers rare and difficult-to-find ingredients like wild mushrooms and truffles, California passion fruit, Gwen avocados, Mountain Rose apples, and Australian finger limes. The Napa Wild team focuses on optimal flavors, a different approach to food sourcing than what drives typical grocery stores. For example, most major grocers select for appearance first, which determines how many farms they work with and when they harvest. Conversely, Napa Wild partners with farmers who allow their fruits and vegetables to reach ideal ripening, those who see the value in growing more flavorful varieties that might not be as visually beautiful or durable for shipping. Since Napa Wild purchases directly from farms and foragers to deliver to their home and restaurant customers, this means shelf life is a less significant factor, and their growers can harvest at the exact moment for peak flavor profiles.

The Napa Wild crew gets excited about wild mushrooms. Autumn is the best time of the year to harvest them, and finding them is always an adventure. The team also lives on Will Brokaw’s delicious avocados when they are available. Bernard Ranches’ California citrus is another winter season favorite. “They’re a fitting example of the difference in flavor. Even the navel oranges pass our blind tasting test every year,” shared Stewart.

Napa Wild customers may also purchase organic pasture-rotated eggs, pasture-raised chicken, Sonoma County Liberty Duck and organic grass-fed beef, Solano County Wolfe Ranch Heritage Breed Pork, and Caggiano’s sausage. Pantry items include brown rice, organic sourdough bread, nuts, olive oils, and Balsamic vinegar.

The reason for Napa Wild’s success is evident in its approach to sourcing the most appetizing, flavorful, and fresh foods and its thoughtful and meticulous attention to customer service. “We love the smiles and joy that good food brings people, it’s very rewarding to know our produce is being enjoyed and shared at tables all over our hometown,” shared Stewart.

Napa Wild offers home delivery throughout Napa Valley every Friday to customers who preorder the Wednesday prior by 6:00 p.m. Customers can purchase both community- supported agriculture (CSA) style mixed produce boxes and items for individual sale. In addition, restaurant delivery is available Monday through Friday in Napa Valley.