Lowell Downey & Janna Waldinger
Published On: January 06, 2020
Art & clarity

Intriguing Photographers

Art & Clarity Celebrates 25 years of creating the extraordinary in Napa

“Most of us pick up a camera, click the shutter, and have a snapshot. Lowell Downey and Janna Waldinger, click the shutter, and weave magic”, wrote Jim Brumm, local journalist and business consultant in Napa Valley.

Art & Clarity, a photography and multimedia company, is celebrating twenty-five years in Napa. Owners Janna Waldinger and Lowell Downey are considered dependable experts in their field, having survived recessions, a digital revolution, and a couple of earthquakes. The artistic duo’s innovation, professionalism, and resiliency enabled them to quickly establish themselves as a leading photography company in the Bay Area. From creating winery brand imagery, portraits to wedding, event and architectural photography, the long-lasting value of their work consistently exceeds their client’s expectations.

Over the years they have photographed Napa Valley icons, local heroes, and intriguing people and have been instrumental contributors to Napa Valley Life Magazine, producing a majority of their covers. Janna and Lowell have a robust portfolio of individual clients and are honored to photograph weddings and important family events. “Frequently clients come to us for a family or professional portrait, yet feel very uncomfortable in front of a camera,” says Lowell. “Sharing the images as we go helps to put them at ease. We have fun, and our clients walk away happy.”

Their photography and video assignments and commissions have taken them around the globe. Their art has been exhibited all around Napa Valley, including the Napa Valley Museum and in galleries and exhibitions on the west coast and beyond. This year they were honored to have their work on display at the Lincoln Theater, throughout the new Ole Health Facility, and at Peju Winery in the Rutherford Room where visitors can see their poetic vision of the Napa Valley. Several years ago they launched their Art of Seeing Adventures, which was published in the New York Times as one of the top ten photography adventures in the world. During this adventure, they teach their audience how to see differently, with or without the camera, and experience the natural world.

Art & Clarity’s clients include leading Napa Valley and Sonoma wineries, Queen of Valley Hospital, Napa Valley College, Doctors Company, and businesses throughout the Bay Area. “Lowell is the consummate professional photographer – highly detailed and passionately committed to getting just the ‘right’ images that will tell the story instantaneously,” said Karen MacNeil, wine consultant and author of The Wine Bible. Lowell’s poetic eye has its roots in training he received at New York University where he earned a Master’s of Fine Arts Degree in Dramatic Writing. He is currently an adjunct professor teaching photography at Napa Valley College.

Janna has touched the lives of many in Napa through her camera and her community commitment. “Janna is an incredibly talented photographer and trust I her implicitly with my important events” shares Jan Sabo.

“I’m an out-of-the-box artist,” Janna says, “My father was a building contractor and professional photographer. He gave me a toolbox and a camera at the age of five. He taught me to see the world through the artist’s perspective. My mother served on the faculty of the School of Social Welfare at UCLA and instilled in me the qualities of community service. Having studied psychology and personality systems, I blend creative insights with the commitment to serve those in need throughout all my work.”

Janna and Lowell have influenced the lives of many in Napa Valley by volunteering to support community nonprofits. Following the birth of their son, Forest, Janna took an active role in education and has served on the Napa Board of Education for the past 22 years. She was active in supporting Stone Bridge School and the founding of the Waldorf-inspired Credo High School. Bringing together all these skills, she now holds a position as mentor for the vulnerable yet resilient students being served by the not for profit foundation, If Given a Chance. “I come from a creative mindset, “says Janna, “having spent a lifetime gathering tools to foster wellbeing. I passionate about supporting people to show up well, have skills to achieve a mindset for success.”

Janna and Lowell built Art & Clarity with a contagious and never-ending source of creativity. As artists, they are dedicated to bringing Art & Clarity into the world. www.ArtClarity.com