Published On: September 22, 2020
justin siena

At Justin-Siena, we pride ourselves on the foundation a Lasallian education provides our students not only during their time as a Brave, but also well beyond that.  Rooted in our “Five Core Principles”, this video tells a story, our story, of how this foundation brings out the best in our students as they “enter to learn” and “leave to serve”. 

Using the voice of alumni and parents alike, we are proud to share the strength and spirit through which they share.  We have recently embarked on a journey to connect an important stakeholder in the well-being of our students to this foundation, parents.  Our still growing Justin-Siena Parent Association (or J-SPA) hopes to serve as a liaison between the school, fellow parents, the community, and everything in between. 

Led by an executive board that represent the three counties our school draws students from, they are volunteer partners who seek to enhance the richness for everything that makes a high school experience invaluable. 

In the video, you’ll hear comments and family experiences from Eric Gonzales, J-SPA Executive Board Chair and Napa Valley Life Partner.  To learn more visit justin-siena.org.