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chimney rock winery

Chimney Rock Sustainability: A Long-Term Perspective

The Terlato family, owners of beautiful Chimney Rock Winery, believe that exceptional wines are born in the vineyard. Mother Nature has generously graced the site ideally situated in Napa Valley’s famed Stags Leap District. A diversity of volcanic soils and specific micro-climates are farmed with meticulous care across 28 unique vineyard blocks. This combination provides the foundation for Chimney Rock’s quintessential Cabernet Sauvignon.

It’s both an honor and a duty for the Terlato family and Chimney Rock to protect  this  unique vineyard for the long-term so future generations may enjoy it for years to come. In the words of John Terlato, “The  objective  for the Terlato family is to leave our surrounding environment in better condition than how we found it.” This aligns perfectly with the Napa Green program.

Winemaker and General Manager, Elizabeth Vianna, explained, “The Napa Green program shares in our core values of sustainable farming and winemaking. The program also introduced us to a larger view of our green footprint as the program embraces  an  overarching  approach. It had an impact on how we run absolutely everything. I also appreciate that it  advocates for a continuous quality improvement program. There is no ‘green enough.’”

Elizabeth also credits Napa Green  in  helping the winery evaluate their office recycling, com- posting, light fixtures, bottled water, janitorial supplies, and print collateral. It required training and instruction. Elizabeth noted, “Our hope and goals are that this will ripple beyond our estate. Our employees take home the philosophies and practices, share them with their children, and that can have an impact beyond our property.”

Visitors to the winery can see the impact in the vineyards and the resulting wines in a unique experience titled “The Vineyard Odyssey,” a 90- minute guided journey in a specially designed touring cart. The tour allows rare access and visibility to the natural beauty of the estate with a narrative highlighting viticulture, unique terroir and sustainable farming practices. Guests enjoy an estate-grown  Cabernet  Sauvignon   tasting in the vineyards and site-specific blocks where the grapes were born. This creates an indelible connection between vine and bottle. “When you’re in the vineyard, you have a sense of awe and respect for the perfection of the land,” said Elizabeth. “On an early morning or evening, it’s the most peaceful place and never fails to stop me in my tracks and remind me of the importance of protecting this beauty for today and for generations to follow.”


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Article By: Laurie Jo Miller Farr