Chief Robert Plummer
Published On: December 20, 2020


Since his arrival in Napa more than two years ago as Chief of Police, Robert Plummer’s goal has been to build upon  the  community  engagement  portion  of policing initiated by his predecessor, City Manager Steve Potter. “I believe law enforcement has an opportunity to make communities safer by engaging with everyone, irrespective of their economic or social status,” said Chief Plummer, who leads a dedicated department of men and women, both sworn and non-sworn. “I have always looked out for the underdog or little guy. Protecting those who cannot defend themselves gives me a sense of accomplishment. And when I go to sleep at night, I know I had an impact on someone’s life.” Chief Plummer acknowledges that COVID-19 has changed how law enforcement interacts with community members, and he’s dismayed how the pandemic has limited the community engagement that he so enjoys. He also concedes to challenges experienced by the current state of affairs. “Frequently, officers need to see someone’s facial expressions to gauge an incident or situation,” said Chief Plummer. “Wearing a mask has made that part of the job difficult at times.” Yet he asserts that Napa PD officers have adapted quickly. He was recently lauded for kneeling with others in support of racial justice and for an end to police brutality. “I’m proud of how our staff has adjusted during these challenging times of COVID, civil unrest, and wildfires,” said Plummer. “I have witnessed during my two years here that the community members of Napa are resilient and strong. If we stay focused on getting through the pandemic together and looking out for one another, we will rise up and prosper as a community. Stay strong and Be Kind! Right now, we all can use a little more kindness.”


Article By: Fran Miller