Cara Mae Wooledge, MPH
Published On: December 31, 2019
cara ma wolldge

Intriguing Community Wellness Advocate

“Running a farmer’s market is like running a small city,” Cara Mae states as she bustles through the Napa Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning.

Her leadership and dedication to keeping the Farmers Market alive and vibrant for the people of Napa reflect her background and training in public health and provide the foundation that supports her passion for promoting health and wellness, a cause she has advocated for over ten years. Her charter goes beyond the Market offerings. She also manages the operations, which is no small feat. The market runs non-stop, which is unique to Napa since local vegetables and fruit are available year-round.

Cara Mae is actively involved in giving back to the less fortunate members of the community. She was instrumental in the success of building a partnership with Kaiser and acquiring a grant to fund a matching program that allocates double redemption on food stamps so recipients can optimize their purchases of fresh fruit and vegetables at the Market. The grant also provides local shelters with leftover food or cash to buy fresh produce to make healthy salads for its residents.

Cara Mae’s devotion to the health and wellness of the people of Napa Valley provides inspiration and benefits, which assure a bright and vital future for all members of the community.


Article By: Hunter Boon