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Art & Clarity presents The Art of Seeing A Photographic Excursion
Published On: November 23, 2022
photos courtesy of art & clarity

Imagine walking through the oak savannas, watching a majestic waterfowl feed and skim across a lake, or gazing out over vineyard landscapes with the rolling hills and mountains of Napa in the background. Adventures such as these can be captured within Art & Clarity’s Art of Seeing program, a custom-curated photographic excursion designed to share professional photography techniques while fine-tuning one’s deep appreciation for nature.

“We began the Art of Seeing Adventures in Napa Valley,” said Lowell Downey, co-owner of Art & Clarity with Janna Waldinger, “to add to the wine and cuisine experience our valley guests and local residents are offered.” The three-hour sessions, recently listed in the New York Times as one of the top ten photography adventures in the world, are custom curated for individuals or groups.

Janna stated that one of her objectives is to teach observation and how to use the direction of light to create compelling photographs. “Imagine waking up to discover the fabulous,” Janna added, “and being guided to see differently. Everyone comes on this journey with a different goal of how they want to expand their photographic skills and discover the beauty of Napa. One woman wanted to create better photographs of her children; another person wanted to develop his skills before embarking on a Safari. Knowing how to blend the combination of a fast ISO, shutter speed, and F-stop is essential for those one-of-a-kind moments.” Whether one opts to use the camera on their phone or a 35 mm camera, Art of Seeing Adventures stretches beyond camera functions into the poetics of perception, fostering awareness of light and composition, and bringing new vitality to one’s way of seeing.

Art of Seeing Adventures in Napa Valley is a creative exploration for locals and visitors to take solo, within a small group of friends or family, or for corporate team building.  Art & Clarity also offers Make Art of My Day, a six-hour excursion documenting an entire day.  

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