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Published On: February 10, 2021
anthology conn creek

The Beauty of Aging

Metaphorically speaking, if a  bottle of wine is a book, an anthology is the whole library. At Conn Creek Winery, guests will “borrow the keys” to the Anthology Room, unlocking the door to the winery’s library. A fun and educational tasting experience is designed to allow a wine educator to guide intimate groups of visitors as they explore flagship vintages and discover how they age.

At Conn Creek on the Silverado Trail, this unique tasting concept  is  supported  by a robust library and the fact that nearly half-a-century after its founding, the winery is focused on what Napa Valley does best: Cabernet Sauvignon. Conn Creek’s flagship wine, Anthology, is a testament to the layers of depth and complexity that can be achieved through the art of blending. Until 2012, the flagship Anthology was a Napa Valley red wine blend; since then, it has been predominately Cabernet Sauvignon. Importantly, it’s the legacy of incredible fruit and highly acclaimed wines, plus the promise of future great wines, that gently shepherd Conn Creek into the future.

Fittingly, from the region that is the birthplace of American  wine,  outstanding grapes are sourced  from  “Best  of  Napa Valley” vineyards across  a  care-  fully curated selection of growers. Fruit comes from sub-AVAs up and down the region—from the valley floor to hillsides and from Carneros to Calistoga, providing winemaker Elizabeth DeLouise-Gant and her winemaking team with berries of the desired character and style.

“One of the things our guests will discern while tasting across this retrospective experience is that the youngest wine will showcase the biggest tannins and color,” said DeLouise-Gant. “As wine ages, the tannins will soften, and the acidity will become more apparent. We had a lot of fun tasting through the entire Conn Creek portfolio and curating the select vintages. I hope each person who goes through the Anthology Experience has fun and learns how wines can be enjoyed at any age.”

But, now let’s go back to the Anthology Room where the hour-long tasting experience takes place. What’s being poured? These wines may go back as many as 25 years, and each guest will enjoy four library wines and one current vintage. A wine educator will invite discussion about how the wine tastes, distinctions in the aging process, what that expression means in the glass, and what the comparables are from vintage to vintage.

Visitors must reserve the Anthology Experience in advance, and with respect to stringent guidelines, group size is limited to six persons. Advance bookings priced at $75 per person are available three times a week at 11 a.m. on a Thursday,  Friday,  or Saturday. A modified experience is also offered virtually. Library wine purchase opportunities are available based on limited stock.


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Article By: Laurie Jo Miller Farr