Story By: Layne Randolph | Photos By: Mariana Calderon Photography

Bringing It Full Circle

When Mike and Talley Henry acquired Acre and One Acre Wines from founders Dave Becker and Bob Babbe in 2017, their primary focus was on the access to incredible vineyards and vineyard managers. The founders worked with Napa Valley’s Hoxsey family, sourcing grapes from Hoxsey vines planted in the late 1830s by Napa Valley’s first resident, George Yount, for whom Yountville is named. Today, fourth-generation Andrew Hoxsey owns Yount Mill Vineyards and Napa Wine Company, and his 650 acres of prime Napa Valley land, including seven single vineyards, attained organic certification in 1986.

Talley Henry explained the importance of collaborating with seasoned grower partners who have the same commitment to sustainability that she and her husband shared. “Their philosophy resonated with ours. We appreciate their choices in vineyard management and sustainability, expressed by Hoxsey’s grandfather, who said, ‘Nobody owns the land, we are merely stewards of it, and we have to leave it better than we found it.’”

When considering the Acre Wines purchase, Talley and Mike made it a top priority to focus on organically farmed vineyards. Their dream was to create fantastic wine while protecting the environment and preserving the soil, and they found the perfect pairing with Acre Wines.

The Acre Wines portfolio includes Acre, One Acre, and Old Lodge. The Henrys produce high-quality Acre Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfandel, and Sauvignon Blanc. One Acre wines are produced from single acre Cabernet Sauvignon plots. Old Lodge wines are small-production and the latest addition to the Acre Wines portfolio with Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, and a red blend.

The Henry family had known veteran winemaker Richard Bruno for over 20 years when the talented Bruno joined Acre Wines as consulting winemaker. Bruno credits Mike’s father, Warner Henry, and The Henry Wine Group with helping to give him his start in the business decades ago.

Happy with the growing and winemaking part of their business, the Henrys turned to marketing. They selected another partner that matched their vision: Feast It Forward Tasting Collective. Katie Shaffer built the Feast It Forward collective from the ground up on a property she purchased across from Napa‘s Oxbow Market. The collective has more than a dozen members and offers three branded tasting room lounges inside for Acre Wines and two other wineries—Layne Family Wines and B Wise Vineyards.

“Katie is a visionary and a dynamo,” Talley raved. “She is constantly improving and adding to the space, and the partnership is very beneficial for us.”

Shaffer outfitted the house with indoor lounges (“The Studio”) and recently expanded the outdoor spaces (“The Yard”). During the pandemic, Shaffer opened the parking lot and teamed up with restaurants to help local businesses and keep guests coming. Today, Feast it Forward is not only a tasting collective; it offers a festival experience year-round with an outdoor stage for live bands, an outdoor pizza oven, and rotating food trucks.

With their invaluable partnerships, historic vineyards, and Napa Valley legacy, the Henrys are bringing everything full circle to highlight the best of what the remarkable region has to offer.